BIM Integrated technology

Integrated mobile technology and information on jobsites

Construction teams are increasingly using mobile devices to file reports and share information on jobsites, streamlining the construction process. The use of this technology reduces costs while improving the reliability of reports and jobsite documentation. Using custom applications on mobile devices, the project team has instant answers to questions that would have previously slowed down a project with trips to jobsite trailers for plan evaluations or calls to the architect. Pictures of jobsite progress can be taken, and Quality Assurance can be improved.

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BIM Cost and Schedule

Cost and schedule modeling with 5D Macro-BIM

More and more design firms are adopting 5D Macro BIM at the earliest stages of design. These models show owners how early design concepts affect cost, schedule and constructability, allowing them to evaluate large-scale options and make informed decisions. These pre-construction designs used to be little more than napkin sketches; now they’ll be far more scientific and complete as the industry adopts 5D Macro BIM technology.

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BIM Pre-fabrication


Owners are increasingly realizing value as construction firms pre-fabricate building elements off-site. Instead of sequentially constructing facilities, contractors are starting to deliver multiple project elements at the same time to streamline schedules. While subcontractors pre-fabricate walls off-site, a contractor pours the foundation. With some of the most technical work performed off-site, in a more controlled environment, safety is improved, too. Combining pre-fabrication with 3D BIM, project teams avoid potential conflicts regarding the use of building space. And owners see a safer, faster, less expensive project.

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