ZEB ESCO Company

Boland Payeh Azar’s Partner in Building Energy Efficiency Solutions

Field Of Activity: Zero Emission Buildings, Passive House, Zero Energy Buildings, Solar Energy

ZEB ESCO as an energy efficiency company offers a myriad of services to meet your needs. Its professionals provide master planning services, conduct energy audits, create turn-key energy solutions, manage procurement, and oversee implementation and verification of new energy efficiency systems.

We work with customers that have residential buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings, hospital and healthcare facilities, government and educational institutions, and industrial facilities, to name a few.

Optimal Solutions

ZEB ESCO is dedicated to finding the best custom solutions for our customers. After our professionals carefully evaluate and study the unique issues each customer faces, we will then design a master plan that offers a smart balance between the investment required in making the improvements and the energy savings gained. ZEB ESCO strives to provide our customers with comfort, reliability and efficiency at a reasonable cost.


Boland Payeh Azar Company sub-group
Field Of Activity: Installations , Equipment