Aerogels are among the best thermal insulation materials available on the market today, with thermal conductivity values as low as 0.012 – ۰٫۰۱۸ W/(mK). Aerogel insulation blankets are therefore ideal in applications where superior thermal insulation is required and where there is limited space. Their share of the market is expected to increase as production costs are lowered.

Test results show that the thermal insulation properties of aerogel insulation blankets remain excellent under compressive stresses of up to 40 kPa, making aerogel integration particularly interesting for building components that are used under compression. The thermal conductivity decreased with increasing uniaxial compression. Hence, it is possible to achieve lower thermal transmittance (U) values by packing more aerogel insulation material into a restricted space.


Thermal conductivity decreases with increasing uniaxial compression. Thermal conductivity vs. strain is shown for four samples each, of two different brands (marked red and blue) of aerogel insulation blankets.